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Sam, describing one of our favorite restaurants, Main Street Garden and Cafe, which serves local, sustainable food, pastured meats, and house made salami, described the menu as serving nameless entrees.

Instead of choosing between a mystery plate called Tour of Italy and the Surf and Turf, as we may have had to do elsewhere, we order the Braised pork shoulder w/ yellow wax peppers, dry farm tomato, rattle snake pole beans & smoked almonds.  Practically all the ingredients are ON the menu!  And not to mention, I love that Sam so astutely notices these details, but almost jokingly comments on them.  Oh, and the food there is beyond excellent; I recommend it highly, and if you don’t live in California, find a restaurant that lists ingredients rather than catchy names, and tell me about it. For those who are curious, here’s a review of Main Street Garden.