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I figured it’s about time to explain why I call my blog the enlightened yuppie. The term “yuppie” has been around for a couple of decades, and typically refers to “young upwardly-mobile professionals”. Yuppie has been regarded as a derogatory term, often referring to spoiled young adults who have had everything in their entire lives handed to them.

Just to be clear, this is not me. This is not most of us.

Some claim the yuppie died in the late eighties due to the stock market crash or early nineties due to the recession. But the yuppie appears to be alive and well. Yuppies are blogging about indie rock bands, yoga, and saving the world one cocktail at a time.

The yuppie is, apparently, not dead after all. In fact, you may be a yuppie without even realizing it.

Ahead of her time, the yuppie is simply misunderstood, just as hippies were in the sixties. As Jeff Gordinier points out in his article:

“The only remaining trace of hippie ideology can be found in supermarket aisles full of organic, farm-raised food—but don’t kid yourself: Those people creating a boom market for Whole Foods and organic baby food are yups, not hippies.”

Hippies had the vision; yuppies popularized it.

(Oh yeah, and we can’t forget who popularized the use of marijuana for its “medicinal” qualities.)

Just as the hippies of the sixties were progressive for their time, the yuppies of the last few decades are also ahead of their time. Who is driving our electric cars? Shopping at Farmers’ Markets? Drinking fairly traded coffee? These choices are not just about proving one’s social status, folks. These decisions aren’t based on entitlement; they are based on a hopeful vision for our future.

Yuppies are true optimists.

Yes, perhaps yuppies are lucky to have the luxury to choose which social causes to support. Yuppies aren’t just scraping by, but ultimately, isn’t that what we all aspire to?

So, why enlightened yuppie? Yuppie centers on a social connection to our world, while enlightened illustrates a spiritual connection to our natural world. I’m connected to everything, and every decision I make matters.