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I have been saving this post for a while, trying to find some way to fit these thoughts into the theme of my blog, but in light of the fact that four of my close friends (two couples) got engaged on New Years, I would like to share a few pieces of advice with them. Congratulations J and B!

Planning a wedding entails endless details and endless amounts of checklists to manage all the details of wedding planning. I am obsessed with lists, but rather than recreate what’s already been recreated thousands of times, here are some things that I learned from experience. If you have any other tips, I’d love to hear them.

I wish someone told me…Don’t schedule all your cake tastings in one day. Not only will you end up consuming more sugar than you ever have in your adult life, you will probably be too busy to have a decent lunch, which will just augment the sugar high.

I’m thankful…We had a long engagement and that we didn’t wait until summer to take our engagement photos

I wish someone told me…You can’t prepare for every emergency. Really, you can’t, no matter how hard you try. We had two unexpected emergencies: 1) I got appendicitis six weeks before the wedding and had to have my appendix removed. Appendicitis! I was hospitalized six weeks before my wedding. 2) A week before the wedding one of my bridesmaids canceled.  And, you know, everything turned out perfectly.

I wish someone told me…If the ceremony starts before 5pm, be very clear about the start time in your invites. Many people will assume the wedding starts in the evening.

I’m thankful…we had an intimate rehearsal dinner.

I wish someone told me….On the big day, get your make-up done before getting your hair done. Hair pictures are classic and you want to have a pretty face for them.

I am thankful that we didn’t wait to take our honeymoon. Planning a honeymoon and a wedding was a huge undertaking, but well worth it in the end.

I wish someone told…to prepare for the thank you notes. After planning the whole wedding, it’s easy to forgot that there’s still work to do once you get back from your honeymoon. Buy the thank you cards at the same time as the invitations and start addressing them as you receive attendance confirmations.