About My Blog:

This blog will chronicle my explorations of sustainable living including cooking everything from scratch, while working a full-time 9-5, shopping in second-hand stores, while crafting my own personal style, appreciating the natural world, while doing what I can to ensure future generations will also be able to enjoy it, and, eventually, escaping my office job to find meaningful work doing what I love.

Wine Tasting

At a local winery. Maybe one day I'll venture into wine making...

About Me:

I’m a California girl.  I love being among redwoods so tall I have to squint to see the top.  I love falling asleep to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.  I love shopping, especially in second-hand stores.  I love the colors blue and green and brown.  I love trying new foods and eating seasonally and locally.  I love cooking.  I love hiking and scuba diving and exploring the natural and enchanting environments from which many of us feel so far removed.  I love reading and writing, and I especially love poetry.  I love my husband, Sam, and my cat, Stella.

Heather & Sam

Me and Sam admiring the redwoods.




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